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ENG:333 "Sex Among Black and White Americans" Blog 2

This is piece of a project that I had to work on in my CHS class.

Among Black and White Americans as well as many other nationalities believe sex to be natural. Sex is generally taught in some point in everyone’s life whether its in the early or late stages of life. Regarding to who you are you might have different norms and morals about sex. It could be your orientation, religion, gender, or race. As you will learn that everything possible is natural, which makes it normal and if its normal it must be morally right.

What IsSex? Sex is well sex can be broken down into many forms. Some forms are vaginal, oral, anal, and masturbation sex. Vaginal sex is what most people think of as sex, which specially means when a male inserts his penis inside of a female vagina. It is the only form of sex that can lead to pregnancy and also transmitted diseases. Vagina sex is only preformed among heterosexual couples. Heterosexual is what most people consider as straight, it is when people are attracted to someone of the opposite gender. Oral sex is where the mouth is in contact with the male or female genitals. Oral sex can cause the spread of sexual transmitted diseases but it can not cause pregnancy. Anal sex involves penetration to the anus it carries the same affect on diseases as vaginal and oral sex. There is no chance of pregnancy from this style. The most safest style of sex is masturbation it cause no pregnancy or spread of transmitted disease. Masturbation is the process of you touching on yourself. You can also have what they call mutual masturbation. Mutual masturbation is when you masturbate with or in front of your partner. Since there is no genital contact the is no pregnancy, down fall there could possible be transmission of diseases if done improperly. Oral, anal, and masturbation all can be performed between heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, and lesbian.

People have different sexual orientation toward who they maybe romantically and sexually attracted to. Heterosexual which has already been explain is straight people. Bisexual people are ones that tends to have sexual attractions with males and females. There are two orientations that are called gay which is homosexual and lesbian. Homosexual is where males have an interest in the same sex. Homosexual pertains to the males where as lesbian pertains to the females. A lesbian would be a female who are attracted to another female. There is another style of orientation that is much safe and a person is not sexually attracted to another person, but may enjoy close and intimate relationships as well called asexual. Many people believe that sexuality is a moral and some think it is a norm. In American culture, heterosexuality is the only sexual orientation that is considered fully social and legally validated and some cultures view orientation differently and more acceptable. I believe it would just be who you are and what you believe in regarding sex. Most people do not define there orientation and some may think that they do not fit into any category. Researches are using different approaches on orientation and not focusing just on one. They are still creating models such as the Kinsey model regards to sex and many other revenues under the topic. But according to all my reading they like to refer to the Kinsey model.

Religion could also be a major effect of how sex is viewed. I think this is where people focus on “What is moral and what is normal?” I could spend a significantly amount of time discussing the religion aspect of sex. People have different beliefs and values. Therefore, I decided not to go into great debt about it because that is something that you learn from your heritage or background culture. But, there may be some religion references within this research. Gender as well is limited but can be an issue about sexuality. General you think of gender as male or female but, in today society we have people who are transsexuals or has gender exchanged. Regarding race it has low effect too. Race come differently between Black, White Americans and many more. In this research I would like to discuss the race issues and a little on gender between males and females of Black and White Americans.

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