Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Brochure

By making your brochure you are first and foremost applying persuasive techniques and descriptive writing. This means that you will both address a specific audience with the purpose of convincing them to choose your vacation resport, and you will also use descriptive language to accentuate all the characteristics of the place, and the things you would encounter there.
Secondly, you are applying technology, art, and creativity to a project that is already packed with literary techniques.
Third, all brochures require organized thinking, which is a problem solving skill that can be used throughout the curriculum. This is a healthy way to retain and analyze information as well.
Making a brochure is a good exercise in the elements of advertising.  Assignments such as the brochure force students to place themselves in the position of having to convince outsiders why.  In this process, students learn some of the fundamental precepts of advertising. The idea of being able to communicate desirable elements in a small location or with a fixed number of words is quite powerful.  At the same time, students are able to learn about natural and human created elements of a certain place that are distinctive.  Finally, I would submit that the assignment itself is quite valuable because it allows students to choose in what arena upon which they wish to focus their energies.  The result is a form of learning that enhances student autonomy, making them stronger in a particular aspect or multiple aspects of an area of study

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