Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Group Project


The group I am in are partner with Hattiesburg Clinic to help raise awareness for Relay for Life. They have expressed different fundraisers that we can help with and feel very confident that we will be beneficial to their projects.


As a group we all are doing our parts to complete this project.  To accomplish this project our first objective is to meet with the public relations manager of Hattiesburg Clinic to discuss what events and promotional opportunities we can participate in. On Wednesday we will meet with Yarrow. After meeting and gathering all the information needed we will meet again to discuss the decisions we will make and complete a proposal and we then will began to work on our projects.


I think group work can sometimes be effective.  There are times where a group of people can bring more and offer more.  Research groups are to work together and everyone takes some form of action to contribute towards the group.  Farther most important thing is to make sure everyone is able to meet up with the group.  This group was pretty much compatible with schedules and time.


At times being late can hinder the group progress.  But we all put effort and made the best of the time.  The most successful thing was everyone had done what they needed for the group as far as assignments.  I think the main focus with the group is to make sure everyone did apart and not just trying to get a free grade.  It is a great idea to make everyone do something outside the group to bring to the next group meeting.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Job Search

Recently I spoke with your Catering Manager, Jonathan H.  He informed me of your company Web site and I saw some openings for a Catering Manager for the Southern Foodservices.  The positions reflect my future goal in becoming my own chef after completing Culinary Arts school.  This seems to be a great opportunity for me to gain experience and usage of my skills.
As you review my enclosed resume, you will note that I am currently enrolled at The University of Southern Mississippi to obtain a Bachelor of Community Health Science.  This opportunity can familiarized me with catering theory, menu-planning, and food administration.  I am health-conscious and enjoy working closely with others. . I believe that I could make a significant contribution to your organization.
Job searching can be very risky if you do not take the time to explore and learn about the job you are interested in.  In this case knowing the right and correct people to contact can help you a whole lot in any giving term.

Improving Professional Correspondence

To: T. Leoni, Manager, Personnel Department
From: Donald Pryzblo, Manager, Data Processing Department
I have been reviewing the “errors” in the computer files.
Contrary to what you insinuated in our meeting, the majority of these errors were made by your clerks. I do not feel that my people should be blamed for this. They are correctly copying the faulty time tickets that your clerks are preparing.
You and I discussed requiring my computer operators to perform the very time-consuming task of comparing their entries against the time sheets from which your clerks are miscopying.
My people do not have the time to correct the errors made by your people, and I will not hire additional help for such work.
I recommend that you tell your clerks to review their work carefully before giving it to the computer operators.

In reviewing this Correspondences I personally would not change anything.  But the tone of it is very obvious that this person is a little up set.  And it is a few subject and verb agreements errors in it but far that I do not see anything wrong.  It maybe wrong for a professional setting.  A memo is a common interoffice communication tool that is used in business, companies and organizations all over the world. Employers use memos to convey important information to others in a timely manner. It's not difficult to write a professional memo, but there are a few things that you should know about this type of letter.