Monday, February 14, 2011

“Feeling Like a Freshman Again”

Becoming a transfer student almost really makes you feel like a freshman again. Upon reading this article “Feeling Like a Freshman Again”: The Transfer Student Transition” basically made me realize that I am an experienced college goer. I have already gone through the process of college applications and all the other things required for me to attend college. I have been to two other junior colleges and I still felt like a freshman when I started the university.

It’s the process of getting use of the campus and learning where all the classes are. The adjustment time was shorter than the first-year students because I have done it before. In the article talks about the two parts of the transfer transition which are: the Transfer Process and Adjustment once at the Receiving Institution. The Transfer Process encompasses the steps students take to move from their current or sending Institution received one. For instance, deciding on what school to attend and starting the application process. In the application process that where you have to worry about your GPA and what degree you already hold.

The Adjustment once at the Receiving Institution maybe the most challenged one. Because once you get accepted to the college the process now begins on learning the campus and getting adjusted to the new institution. The disadvantage of making you feel like a freshman again is the lack of knowledge about how the new school works like parking on campus and finding classes. It’s a big differences transferring from this small college to a big university.

As a student and over looker, I always wanted to know the differences in attending a junior college versus a major university. Having first experience is always the best way to learn. Having to attend two junior colleges as well as a university, I can now weigh the options of going to either one. Being a student at USM is a lot different than other schools. It is more of a fast pace, yet energetic place to be. There are many activities going on every day. They have activities such as basketball games, campus celebration, and Greek life. I have to keep track of everything by writing things down in a calendar. Deadlines come so fast that I have to balance out party time with class time. The most interesting topic in “Feeling Like a Freshman” is how they have this group called TRIG (transfer student interest group) and it focus on the transfer process and about being a transfer student. The group can help you balance out the things and make you feel like you have a small support group to rely on.

Townsend, Barbara K. "“Feeling like a Freshman Again”: The Transfer Student Transition." New Directions for Higher Education 2008.144 (2008): 69-77. Print.

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