Tuesday, January 25, 2011

LIS 201: Cultural Exhibits Essay

My Interest In Exhibits at The University of Southern Mississippi

   According to some reading I done about the exhibits at The University of Southern Mississippi, they have more than I knew about including the online exhibits. I took great interests in the Children's Literature Collection cause they are always having something to display from their collection.  I think this should be announced to the public to reach out to the youth and even people who are interested in caring for kids. Far as I know that the exhibits events are only know by the people who attends USM or have some kind of contact with knowing about these things. My second interests I had was the Nursing exhibition.  Nursing was my choosing career but I decided to change my major cause I was on a waiting list and until then I will find myself managing in an hospitality setting.  But the Nursing exhibit took place back in 2007 according to lib.usm.edu website.  An the exhibit displayed where nursing developed in Mississippi and why nursing is so important to the sickness and health of people of Mississippi.  I think that everyone should have to at least attend an exhibit to understand their profession or career.  I think that after looking at some of the information about the exhibits I took great interest in them and I am going to try to schedule time to check some of these displays out that we have on campus whether its an exhibit or just on display to the students to gain knowledge about the history of things.

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