Thursday, April 21, 2011

Choir Director at USM

Singing is my passion and music is my favorite.  I never thought that I would become the Choir Director of The University Of Southern Mississippi African American Student Organization Gospel Choir (AASO).  It has been such a wonderful experience for me.  I gain a spirit mind and learned how to handle myself with a larger group.  Being a Gospel Choir Director made me be more courtesy to others as well patient.

Things I learned to adjust to is taking control making sure others are doing what they are suppose to do.  Also, it is my duty to cooperate with the Music Staff
·       To select, arrange,  and direct all music performed by the choir
·       To assist in auditioning prospective members.
·       To be responsible for the equipment i.e. keyboard and drums
·       The music staff shall consist of the assistant director(s), section leaders, musician(s), and one member of the choir elected by majority vote.
I established to create an Constisution which states: The purpose of the Afro-American Gospel Choir shall be to provide an outlet for those students interested in performing gospel and spiritual music unique to the Afro-American culture.  Attempting to bring a sense of awareness to those with whom it comes into contact, through a variety of programs and activities – the choir travels throughout the state serving as a recruiting force for the University of Southern Mississippi.  Further, this purpose shall be fulfilled by the choir’s performances for the University of Southern Mississippi functions; religious, civic, and social organizations; patriotic events and similar events as deemed by its officers and members.  It shall also be in accord with the purpose and philosophy of this organization to uphold a high regard for and promote academic achievement.

The AASO Gospel Choir is affilated with the African American Student Organization on campus at The University Of Southern Mississippi their office is located in The Hub. Taking on this title was very diffcult in the beginning but as I got more adjusted to the things that I needed to do as the Choir Director.  I have many rules and guideline that I can share and if anyone needs any ideas or tips I will be glad to help them.

We also have many event going on.  The most current one is the gospel music concert and EVERYONE is invited.  Required information is located below:

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